Step-by-Step Guide to register and vote from computer


Step 1: Point your browser to and select "My Account"from the menu.




Step 2: If you already have a Membership Toolkit Account (e.g. Glenwood PTO), log in with the account. Otherwise click on "Create Account" on the right hand side of the screen.




Step 3: Please enter your name and an email address that you will be using as the username to log into the portal, please also select a password for the login then click "Verify my email" .




Step 4: Membership Toolkit will send out an email to the entered e-mail address for verification. Log into your email account and click on the "Verify my email":




Step 5: Membership toolkit will ask you to enter the password you selected in Step 3, and click "create account".




Step 6: If you have already finished registration previously you will start with Step #10.  Otherwise you will be asked to register, please Click on the "Member Registration" link to start the process of registering your member information.





Step 7: Enter the information for the 2 adult regular members in your household, those two will have regular residential member privileges including voting and be elected as Association officers.




Step 8: Add any dependent (children or seniors) in the same household.




Step 9: Enter the information for the dependents




Step 10: After you finish the registration by saving the information, additional information will be displayed requesting you to pay the Family Membership Fee, Click on the "Family Membership 2016-2017" link to start the process. If you have already paid your membership fee for the calendar year you will see the screen on step #16.




Step 11: Select "1" for the Family Membership as it is a requirement, you can also make additional donations to the Association by selecting the Donation options. Click "Add to Cart and Checkout" when you finish your selection.




Step 12: Click on the "Pay with Credit Card" to start making payment using a credit card. MSHCA is using a industrial leader in credit card payment processing that is safe and secure, none of the credit card information you entered will be stored and you can find out more about this processor at





Step 13: Enter your credit card information and click "Continue", only US-issued credit cards are accepted. The payment processor will validate your credit card information and ask you to make correction if necessary (e.g. mismatch billing address)



Step 14: After obtaining approval from your credit card company, you will be asked to confirm your order - click "Place Order" to commit the transaction.




Step15: A receipt will be displayed on screen, you can (1) print the receipt for recording purpose - the same receipt will also be mailed to your email account for reference. You can now either (2) click on the My Account -> My Account Forms to check out other activities or (3) click on the "Bylaws Voting" to start the voting process.




Step 16: When you click "My Account" -> "My Account Forms" on the menu,  you can find the "Voting for Bylaws Amendments"  being added to the activities that require your attention, click on that link to display the information.





Step 17: You can review the full context of the bylaws amendments, and then cast your consents for both Member1 and Member2 in your household. The votes from both members need to be cast in a single transaction - make your YES/NO selection for each member, select "I'm finished with this form and I am ready to submit" then click "Save and Submit" to submit your votes.




Step 18: You are always encouraged to visit the website often to check on if there is additional new activities that you can participate (registration for classes, election, events, scholarship etc) under the menu "My Account" -> "My Account Forms", you can also make additional donations to the Association using the Donation function.












We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!